Panier Québécois

Panier Québécois is the first online farmer's market in Montréal. It's also been my full time occupation since April 2020. We started the project with my 3 co-founders to help local farmers markets when COVID started. It quickly grew into a business with over 800 orders every month.

As a business owner, I have been involved in most aspects of the project, not just web development. I managed our marketing strategy, built and integrated software tools for analytics and marketing, managed customer service, prepared and delivered orders, built tools to optimize operations and purchasing...

The first hand experience I gained through running a business gives me a better understanding of your needs as an entrepreneur. I understand what truly matters to you and I can help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

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Here is a non-exhaustive list of features I have developed over the last few years.

  • A fully custom orders export system to:
    • Send orders automatically to our suppliers by e-mail & SMS
    • Export each orders into a printable PDF list optimized for our operations
    • Custom integration with our fleet managment tool
    • Export optimized lists of products to pick-up
  • A custom limited inventory management system for our operations team
  • A complex cash back loyalty system
  • A wishlist system for our customers
  • ...

All features were developed in PHP in a custom plugin